Doing what I can, with what I have, where I am
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Fitness (October, 2011) and Women’s World (September, 2011)
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Available on September 20, 2011

One moment, she was savoring life on sunny Malibu Beach and the next she almost lost her legs and her life.

Janet Oberholtzer is not a celebrity or a superhero, instead she could be your mom, your wife or your daughter, but her story will give people hope to heal if they find their world has become dark and hopeless due to a life-changing event.

Because I Can chronicles Janet’s struggle after a horrific accident while she was traveling around the country with her family.

After being trapped in a wrecked motor home with her legs decimated, her pelvis shattered — paramedics and firefighters rushing to save her life — her struggle wasn’t only to survive her physical injuries, she also had to learn how to live with her new normal.

This included the struggle of keeping her marriage together, fighting through anger and depression and liberating herself from physical limitations to run again. Why?

Because she can.


Because I Can is not a Pollyanna story — Janet still has disappointments and still asks questions. In spite of that, she’s made a choice to live life to the fullest …

Doing what she can, with what she has, where she is…
Because she can! 



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