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Radio Interview with The Growing Bolder Radio Show

I love the way the online world can work. A comment I left on the fabulous, fit Katy Widrick’s healthy living blog led to me being interviewed by the Growing Bolder Radio Show. (Thanks Katy!)

It's Not About Age ... It's About Attitude!

Everyone complains about all the bad news in the media. The folks at the Growing Bolder are doing something to change that. On their TV show and Radio show, they share stories of inspiration and hope … especially ones that challenge the stereotypes of aging.

The program is hosted by Emmy Award-winning journalists Marc Middleton and Bill Shafer. They were a joy to do an interview with. Thanks guys! (it was my first radio interview, so I was nervous)

Janet Oberholtzer

Find more inspiring video, audio, and images at Growing Bolder.

I have a favor to ask,  you can listen to my interview above … but I’d appreciate if you CLICK HERE and listen to it on the Growing Bolder site. More views on their site could generate more views (you know, the snowball effect) And if you are so inclined, you could even rate my interview there by clicking on the yellow stars. (click the one on the far right ;)

Thanks! I appreciate it.

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