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Run Across America with Dean Karnazes

What all have you done since February 25th? Think about that for a minute. During everything you’ve done in the past 70 days, Dean Karnazes has been running. He has been running an average of 50 miles a day … every day since February. He’s a big believer in the fact that our bodies were meant to move, so he’s doing a Run Across America in 75 days to encourage others to get off the couch and move.

Dean is proof that we are capable of more than we give ourselves credit for. Not that everyone needs to (or even could) run across America, but most people could move more than they do. As I had recovered post-accident, Dean’s book Ultra-Marathon Man had motivated me to push my body to recover above and beyond the doctor’s expectations, so I’ve been following his Run Across America online.

Run Across America with Dean Karnazes 5K

Live with Regis and Kelly has partnered with Dean in his Run Across America. He will finish his run live on the show on Tuesday, May 10th. There’s been 5Ks in select cities along the way for people to join him and to raise money for Action for Healthy Kids. There was a 5k in Philadelphia yesterday and I took my support of Dean from online to on the road.

One of the two Run Across America buses.

An emcee was warming up the crowd with stories from Dean’s time on the road and there was a pre-race interview with a guy who lost 110 pounds while in collage after reading one of Dean’s book. I had met two runners, Wanda and Gwyn (In the ‘it’s a small world category’ Gwyn’s last name is also Oberholtzer) who told the emcee my story and she called me over to be interviewed. I shared my accident and recovery story and the part Dean’s book played in it.

Being Interviewed - Photo by Wanda

Dean had an early start that morning (as usual) and had run 10 miles before the race. When he arrived, he disappeared into the bus for awhile and then addressed the crowd and answered some questions. He eats between 8,000 and 10,000 calories a day … a lot of that in meal replacement drinks. When he finishes his Run Across America, he plans to sit on a couch and eat pizza. (I doubt he’ll do that too long)

Dean (in lime green) ready to address the runners

The 5k was not about speed, it was an opportunity for Dean’s admirers (of which I am a shameless one) to chat with him. People ran beside him for a few minutes, then moved on and allowed someone else a few minutes. (Runners are so kind!) Much to my surprise, Dean ran at a pace I could handle … so I was able to run and chat with him a little. Just running beside him made me feel like I could run forever. Who wants to go on an all-night run!? (Dean is known to do that)

Running with Dean Karnazes - Photo by Wanda

In 2006, Dean had run 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days and Wanda and Gwyn had run the Delaware marathon with him, so they were thrilled to meet him again. And to top off their day, they had the  privilege of running across the finish line with Dean.

Dean finishing with Wanda and Gywn on his right - Photo from Dean's Blog

Right before the race, a woman asked about my leg and how I can run with it. We talked briefly, then she introduced herself as Dean’s mother, Fran and introduced me to Dean’s father, Nick. After the race, we chatted again … wonderful couple! Before I left, they gave me a copy of Dean latest book, RUN! Thanks Nick and Fran!

Nick and Fran Karnazes - Photo from Dean's Blog

After the race, everyone lined up in front of the Please Touch Museum for a group photo. (I’m kneeling in the second row, far right) It was a great experience. I’m so glad I went! For a recap and more photos from Dean’s crew, visit Dean’s Run Across America Blog.

The Philadelphia 5k Runners                                           Photo from Dean’s blog

So how deep is that butt imprint on your couch?

In order to move you have to want to. Dean or I or others can encourage you, but it’s up to each person to do it. No one else can do it for you. Also don’t do it just so you can tell others you’ve done it … do it for you! You matter. To have a healthy body, mind and spirit … you need to get moving!

Watch Regis and Kelly May 10th when Dean finishes the Run Across America live on the show.

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