Two Cookbooks = Two New Recipes each Week

I’ve had a few crazy months in the second half of 2013… with a 1,000 mile move, which involved three trips between PA and FL, plus remodeling our new house as we lived in it.

Due to a lack of routine, I was not cooking regularly, and the minimal cooking I did was simple easy meals… like tomato soup and grilled cheese.

I decided with no travels on my immediate horizon and the remodeling now finished, it’s time to do some more cooking again. Plus, in the last few months, I received two new cookbooks and I want to try a number of recipes in each.

The No Meat Athlete website was a big influence and my number one resource as I switched to a vegetarian diet 4 years ago… now I look forward to trying the recipes in his newly released book.

no meat cookbook

The No Meat Athlete Cookbook

When I was a blogger for the Runner’s World Half this fall, one of the meals they provided for us was completely made with recipes from this cookbook… and every single thing I ate was delicious. So I look forward to making the recipes I tried and many more. (will be skipping the meat, poultry and fish chapters)


I plan to make one recipe from each book each week… and to take pictures of the process and the completed dish, along with my thoughts about it.

Time to pick the first recipes and make a shopping list…