Why I Run & Runner’s World Half Discount Codes

One thing that is consistent, whether I live in Pennsylvania or Florida, is that I will be a runner. While I might not always like the actual act of running, I like the benefits running gives me.

It is good for me physically. Yes, even with a beatup body. By running wisely and giving myself walking breaks, I have better range of motion and less pain now than my doctors or I ever thought I would post-accident. And running burns calories, which I need because I like food, wine and chocolate. (just typing that makes me want to go to the kitchen)

It is also good for me emotionally. It balances me and is the best stress reducer I know. And it’s a great mood-lifter, if you don’t believe me, ask Jerry about my moods when I haven’t run for a few days. (on second thought, don’t ask him)

Another great thing about being a runner is the way it allows me to closely experience an area. With my recent move to Florida, whether running on roads, trails or the beach, it has been a great way to explore my neighborhood. I can say hi to my neighbors. I can sneak up for a close look at a blue heron. I can feel the ocean breeze encouraging me along.

Another benefit of running is the people… there’s no community of people I’d rather connect with than runners. Good, kind, gracious people. Which is one reason I like to do organized running events/races.

Side note: While running events might be races to others, for me they are not, because I don’t race. I don’t race against others and I don’t race against myself. I do events because having a goal on my calendar helps me run consistently and I like what running consistently does for me. (see above paragraphs)

So naturally when a top-class magazine like Runner’s World puts on a running event, it grabs my attention. Last October, I had a great experience at the inaugural Runner’s World Half and Festival in October, 2012.

RW dean karnazes

Meeting one of my running heroes – Dean Karnazes

It’s a weekend of running, but it’s so much more than that… it’s a weekend of fun, festivities, seminars, meeting people and more.

RW runchat guys

Meeting David and Scott of #RunChat fame

And then, of course, there was running…

RW start mae

RW Half – Smiling at the start with a running friend, Mae

As you’ll see from the pics above and below, it was perfect running weather… with slightly cool temps at the beginning,  but while running, I warmed up and peeled off one shirt.

RW friends finish

RW Half –  And smiling at the finish with running friends

So I’m excited to be going to the RW Half again this year, plus it means a visit back to PA to see family and friends! There’s actually three race distances, so most people can find a distance that works for them. (I think you should join me there!)
A 5k and 10k on Saturday
And the Half on Sunday.
Or do all three, known as the hat trick. (which is what I’m doing!)

There’s fun, food and festivities. (Join me) There’s seminars with world-class runners and top experts in the field. And the runners range from Olympic athletes to many who will be doing their first event. (Join me!)

And since Runner’s World asked me to part of a blogging team for them (hip, hip, hooray!)
I have discount codes for you!
 And discount codes are always a good thing!

Did I mention that you should join me there?

RW race codes

My Runner’s World Half and Hat Trick Discount Codes

Head over to RW Half and sign up using my codes (in the pic above) to get your discount.

And if you’re at the RW Half and Festival, I’d love to meet you sometime that weekend (whether or not you register with my codes) I’ll be the one with an annoying beeper that keeps track of my run/walk intervals… and I’ll also be the one with the funky leg. Or connect with me before below, on Facebook or on Twitter and we can arrange a meeting time/place.

So what are you waiting for?
Run over to RW Half and sign up.
And for a discount, use my codes.


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How do you make dreams come true?

Never give up.

Even if the dream is so far in the future it’s almost hard to imagine it will ever happen. When I saw the beach for the first time at the age of 16, I started dreaming of living near it someday.

Make sure it’s a real dream… not just a whim.
As a PA Dutch farm girl who lived over 100 miles from the closest beach in New Jersey, I was only able to spend a few days there each summer, but it was enough to give the dream a solid foundation, even if decades passed without my dream coming to fruition.

Make sure it’s your dream, not someone else’s. And the reverse is also true, don’t allow others who don’t have the same dream as you to talk you out of pursuing your dream.

If circumstances change, you might need to adapt the process, but keep the dream.

When obstacles come, you will need to adjust your timeline, but keep the dream.

Hold the exact details of the dream loosely,
but keep the initial spark that ignited the dream.


During my 20s, I had babies and started a business… I only visited the beach occasionally, and the dream of actually living there was only a foggy, dull gray idea in the recesses of my mind.

During my early 30s, between the babies, a business and too many bills, I rarely even visited the beach, and I had serious doubts if the dream would ever happen, but I didn’t let it totally die.

During my mid 30s, after a week at my parent’s winter home in Florida, the dream resurfaced with an additional aspect… now I not only wanted to live near the beach, but I wanted to live near a beach in a warmer climate.

Thankfully I married a man who had a similar dream and in our late 30s, we started giving our dream some serious consideration. But at the age of 38… my dream was hit with the biggest blow yet.

Being in an accident with five semi-trucks changed everything… I had four years of ongoing surgeries and I spent two of them struggling with depression. With pain, limitations, an injured body and a depressed state of mind, not only my dream, but my very life was in danger.

With time, I decided suicide was not an option, and I was the one responsible for the soundtrack of my life. So I began doing what I can, with what I had, where I was. Slowly, but surely, I healed physically and emotionally and my dream resurfaced. Though many days it was riddled with doubts and concerns that kept popping up like a vicious dream-crushing whack-a-mole game

I want my boys to have a consistent high school experience… whack!
We’ll wait to move until they graduate high school.

I was self-conscious of my funky-looking leg, so one of my concerns was what I would wear in year-round hot weather… whack!
l will deal with that then.*

I want my boys to have a home nearby while in college… whack!
We’ll wait to move until they’re finished college.

I’ve lived in the same county for 47 years, will I know how to breathe elsewhere? Whack!
I will learn how.

But… whack!
How… whack!
Blah, blah, blah… whack, whack, whack!


And now I’m here. Living within 2 miles of the beach on Florida’s west coast.

I’m living my dream… and pinching myself a few times a day to make sure it’s really true.


beach sunrise

A morning on Nokomis Beach

Jerry enjoying a swim at sunset

Jerry enjoying a swim at sunset on Nokomis Beach 

So how do you make dreams come true?

Never give up.

*Now that I’ve accepted the look of my leg, I’m okay with it being visible (most times) so I wear what’s most comfortable whether that shows it or not.